The Pilates Experience Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey

Teacher. Natalie Batson


15 Years ago my career started in the fitness and leisure industry. I was a freelance studio instructor working at various gyms across south west London. I loved to teach aerobics, step, and dance. It made feel like I was exercising whilst having fun!

I decided I wanted to learn more about the body and how we move, and how our bodies react to different styles of training. This lead me in to the world of Personal training, where I learnt more about training for function. I was fascinated by posture, gait analysis, mobility and how all these things can be effected by our different lifestyles.

One day I decided to take part in a Pilates class at my local gym. This opened my eyes to a whole new style of training. Pilates made me feel stronger in a way that was not stressing my body to depletion. I felt stronger, flexible and more mobile. Instead of feeling tired after an intense training session, I felt I was left with more energy than ever before. This encouraged me to explore the world of Pilates further!

Joining a gym, or trying out a new class can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the territory you are entering into. I wanted to offer a service that gave people the opportunity to build up their confidence and feel challenged at a pace they felt comfortable and safe working at. I decided by offering Pilates sessions at the home, people could focus more on developing their fitness designed to suit their individual needs, and not feel rushed by the pace of others in a class environment. Therefore, getting the real "Pilates Experience". :)))

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